Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Simple Beach Barbecue: Paprika Scallops and Prawns with a Tomato Salad

School was out and the sun was still just about shining so we headed down to the beach for a bit of paddling, hole digging and sandcastle building. Whilst my crew were busying themselves at the seashore I unpacked my provisions and set about building a barbecue. We had decided to head to the beach in the late afternoon, picking up a few simple ingredients along the way. We are spoilt here in North Wales, you can be at any number of award-winning beaches in under an hour. We plumped for Conwy; a peaceful and unspoilt beach where there are plentiful stones, perfect for barbecue construction.

Whilst the coals were heating I rubbed some scallops and prawns in olive oil and sweet paprika and I thickly sliced a chorizo sausage before loading up my skewers. I then sliced juicy, ripe tomatoes into a bowl where I simply dressed them with salt, pepper and olive oil. Once the barbecue was throwing out a fierce heat I put on the chorizo, turning it just before it started to blacken. The scallops followed a few minutes later, I gave them a minute or so each side, until the outside was just caramelized and crisp. Finally I put on the prawns, giving them less than a minute each side, so they were slightly charred and just cooked through. I added the chorizo to the simple tomato salad and tossed them together. The seafood needing just a sprinkle of sea salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon and we ate it greedily with our fingers. Simple summer food. Enjoy, Victoria x