Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fishcakes & Summer Salad

Just a quick post today. After a busy day walking and bilberry picking in the hills of the Clwydian Range in North Wales (yes, bilberry season has arrived and a tart recipe is on the way!), I was ravenous from all the fresh air. Earlier in the day, at Genevieve's request, I had bought some trout to have for dinner and while we foraged together for berries I came up with these fish cakes and salad. They turned out very well so I thought I would share them here. 

For the fishcakes (makes 6)

4 medium-sized potatoes
2 trout fillets
3 spring onions, finely chopped
A handful of chives
1 tsp. of lemon juice
Sea salt & pepper
1 egg
100g breadcrumbs
Rapeseed oil 

For the salad

2 little gem lettuce
A couple of handfuls of frozen peas
7-8 radishes
1 clove of garlic
Juice of 1 lemon (less the tsp. from the fishcakes)
3 tbsp. rapeseed oil
1 tsp. sugar
Sea salt & pepper

Peel the potatoes and boil in the bottom of a steamer until just tender. Place the trout fillets into the top of the steamer skin side down, steam until just cooked through.

Drain and mash the potatoes with a knob of butter. Then stir through the lemon juice, spring onions and chives and season to taste. Flake the fish with your fingers and add to the potatoes and fold together. 

Beat the egg in a bowl and put the breadcrumbs into a separate bowl. Divide the mixture into six portions and shape into patties with your hands. Dip each fishcake into the egg, then coat on both sides with the breadcrumbs.

Place on a plate in the fridge to rest and chill for half an hour.

When you are ready to cook the fishcakes, put a slug of oil and a knob of butter to heat in a frying pan. When the butter starts to bubble add the fishcakes, cooking on both sides until crisp and golden brown.

Meanwhile, prepare your salad putting the peas on to boil for a couple of minutes. Drain and then run under cold water. Crush the garlic clove and whisk it with the lemon juice, sugar and rapeseed oil.

Shred the little gem and finely slice the radish. Toss these and the peas with the salad dressing and serve with the crispy fishcakes.

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